Small magnesium rod protection role within the gallbladder, heating elements

Small magnesium rod protection role within the gallbladder, heating elements
Magnesium rods use principle

Magnesium rod, also known as anode rod, its main ingredient is magnesium. In the water heater liner inside it and the liner (the main ingredient is iron) at the same time contact with water, due to the formation of the original chemical principle of the battery. As the water inside the tank is not pure water, the total contains a variety of impurities and has some corrosive, when the water temperature exceeds 40 ° C, it will produce scale. If there is no magnesium anode rod, liner corrosion.

when will we to replace the magnesium rod?

Magnesium ion (Mg +) characteristics and role:

Iron and magnesium can be dissolved in water, but magnesium is more positive than iron, more likely to become magnesium ions (Mg +), that is: because the magnesium metal more live wave, so magnesium was dissolved in water. At this point, magnesium from the magnesium rod and oxygen combination, the corrosion process is over. In other words, magnesium rods are corroded, and the liner is intact.

Water heater does not change the magnesium rod can cause corrosion of leaking liner

Enamel interior electric water heater must be regularly replaced magnesium rod. As the enamel is a special water heater in the steel plate coated with a layer of inorganic ceramic glaze made of, not rusty, the market situation is good. But the enamel liner processing technology requires a higher level, if the level of technology is not enough, the production process prone to bubbles or pinholes, while enamel brittle larger, transportation and installation process of vibration, collision prone to scale explosion phenomenon. In addition, the enamel will gradually dissolve in hot water peeling. Above these factors, will cause the enamel coating of ordinary steel exposed ordinary steel containing carbon, sulfur and other impurities, easy to corrosion leaking liner.

Water heater does not change the magnesium rod can cause leakage

Two days ago to visit a home appliance maintenance department, happened to encounter them are dismantling a factory production of water heaters, said the reason is the water heater leakage. After opening, peel the insulation layer, see a small Zhu never seen the water heater tank, not only “rust” outside “dirty” in the interior and exterior are yellow-green rust, and the heating body has been corrosion Too dilapidated, above the plot also scale. According to the staff, because many times to adjust the leakage protection but the operation is still caused by tripping, so they infer that is the cause of leakage, the result is open to the consequences. Heating has a clear crack in vitro, hot water and heating wire can have direct contact. No wonder the adjustment of leakage protection has no effect.

According to the staff said that in their more common here, this problem, and leakage of the common cause is not the product quality is not good, but long-term use, the anode magnesium rod consumption is complete, the water quality caused by corrosion of stainless steel scaling caused. When asked about the principle, the staff said that the water quality in Beijing generally more rigid, and most of the electric water heater is a steel structure, especially the heating part of the alkaline water quality can easily be encountered corrosion. Therefore, manufacturers in the manufacture, most choose to install magnesium rods, because the magnesium element than iron activity, it can sacrifice magnesium rods and alkaline substances in the water reaction, reducing the corrosion of the heating tube. But the sacrifice of the magnesium rod must be regularly added, otherwise no magnesium rods are consumed when the alkaline substance in the water will begin to erode the heating tube. Resulting in very easy to damage the heating pipe, there are other security risks such as leakage.

Magnesium rod, please remember a year for a change

According to report, consumers in the first purchase of quality, brand consideration again, that this can be done once and for all, in fact, this is the use of electric water heater safety is a big mistake, the water heater does not seem to have any problems, in fact, some The problem is through the accumulation of time it may be revealed. Insiders pointed out that in order to avoid leakage and other accidents occurred, the electric water heater in the magnesium rod should be replaced once a year, 2-3 years if not replace the magnesium rod water heater, the liner is likely to have suffered severe Corrosion, there may be leakage through the leakage, resulting in leakage accident wounding, must be replaced as soon as possible, while in this year to buy water heaters, please replace the magnesium rod.

I did visit lots of different countries and also did see lots of different solar water heater products, i find most products all use the Magnesium rod now, but for most products the magnesium rod is too small, could not last for a long time,once i did visit solarhart, a big flat plate solar water heating factory in Australia ,find their Magnesium rod is quite long, inserch the tank from the end to the top, alomst 1.5 meters long,and they change it each two years. So I suggest all clients combined with your water condition and choose the right one products, some times could not just save money ,and you’d better to pay more to get a good Magnesium rod, that can help with your system and let the products last long life.


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