Merisolar-Junbro’s Partnership

Compact Pressurized Solar Geysers start to popular from 2008, this system was design by John from China, he’s the first man think of use the heat pipe to insert directly into the tank, so the system have very good performance.At that time, all clients from Europe just know the spilt pressure system( Solar collectors with pressure tank), that system is a good system but cost too high and heating lose is bigger than the compact pressure system.

John start to work in a solar water heater factory before and designed the system, after two years he left the factory and help lots of people to build factroies in our City,Changzhou. Four years ago John start to build his own factory for solar fittings, accessories, the factory named Junbro( supply the customer best quality solar heating system accessories to help them with their welding and build good production line.Now Merisolar joined Junbor, these two factories cooperated with each other to supply high quality Solar Thermal Heating systems and fittings parts to factories in China, also did exported lots of fittings to oversea countries,like Mexico,Vitenam ,India also Romania

John has been worked in Solar heating area for 15 years, and have he has special design and thinking of each products,Merisolar’s products are all designed by John with different welding way and use different welding machines for our clients.For example for the Compact pressurized solar geysers, John deisgned 2.0mm 316L thickness inner tank with double side welding for our Australia Clients. That system cost higher than other products,but lift time is much longer than other suppliers. As we know Australia has  very good sunshine, such as Brisbane,Perth,Goldcoast.When i was at Brisbane in Auguest, it’s the winter time there, and the temperature also can goes on 20C in the day time,and in summer time the temperature can reach 40C, and the sunshine is every where.So we had to think of the pressure and temperature inside of the compact pressure tank,the P/TR valve easier open and release the hot water and steam,then cold water goes in, and twenty minuters later the PTR valve opened again, so the pressure inside the tank is Extreme instability,like we are doing the breaking test of the tank. So the clients have to find a good design and good products, or the system will very easy fail.The customer changed several suppliers and at last they choose us, now the system they bought from us already worked for 6 years and they all worked very well.

Now the worker’s salary rise up alot in China, so inorder to save the cost, Merisolar  designed new machines and use the machine instead of labour forces. So this helps us can supply with good quality products with competitive price.

See below our Auto punching machine and our compact pressure inner tank.

Join us, let the sun work for us, let’s get free hot water every day!

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