Heat Pump

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Merisolar Heat Pump

Heat pump technology is one of the most cutting edge when it comes to renewable energy water heating products. Though it has been used throughout the world for decades to heat water, the systems have been too expensive for most consumers. Fortunately, the recent increase in international demand has brought the component costs down substantially, making heat pumps extremely affordable for residential and commercial users. Using the refrigeration cycle to extract energy from the surrounding air (indirectly using solar energy), it can provide you with 60°C hot water day or night, winter or summer, at a quarter of the cost of the typical electrical element geyser heating.

heat pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pump S

  • The swimming pool heat pump can be used for heating or cooling swimming pools, spas, and other open water systems.
  • Water system pressure less than 3 bar.
  • (Cannot be used for closed water systems such as air conditioning or ground source heating.)

House Heating H

The Merisolar Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater delivers hot water suitable for heavy demand in hotels, resorts, clubs, schools, villas, factories, saunas and SPAs etc, as part of a new trend of cost-effective water heating solutions worldwide.

Dehumidifiers C

Our products are made from quality raw material and fittings, and are popular with customers from Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

Hot Water Supply E

Merisolar Air to Water Heat Pumps (E) see extensive popularity in the global market. With exceptional performance, super high energy efficiency, and professional service, these units can provide efficient heating for your house and your family.