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Heat-Pipe-Solar-CollectorThe heat pipe solar collector is an important part of a split pressurized solar system. It is made of high efficiency pipe and glass vacuum tubes with a 94% heat absorption factor. This solar collector is separate from the water tank which makes it much lighter, and gives it a more attractive appearance. Split pressurized solar systems are currently very popular in Europe, America and Australia, where they are typically positioned on the roof or in a garden.

How it works:

The heat pipe solar collector system uses pressurized vacuum tubes which transfer solar energy to a main heating pipe. The vacuum tubes contain a copper pipe which is filled with liquid. When the pipe is heated, the liquid inside it vaporizes and rises up to the condenser at the top, transferring the heat to the water passing through it. The cooled vapor then becomes liquid again, refilling the tube, which restarts the process.

Technical Data of Heat pipe Pressure Solar Collector
ManifoldHeader pipeCopper [1.0mm]
InsulationRock wool
TubesHeat pipe materialTU1/TU2 copper
Size of glass vacuum tube¢ 58/1800mm
Material of glass vacuum tubeHigh boron-silicon
Coating of glass vacuum tubeAL-SUS-CU
FrameFrame materialSUS201(1.2mm) or Aluminium alloy frame(3.0mm)
Maximum operation pressure (Bar)6
Product ModelTubes CapacityAbsorbing AreaWeightDimension
(L×W×H)(L1×W1 )
Qty. per
1800/58-1212pcs120L0.92m246KGS1600*1110*1450110 / 220 / 267
1800/58-1515pcs150L1.15m258KGS1600*1350*145092 / 184 / 223
1800/58-1818pcs180L1.37m265KGS1600*1590*145077 / 154 / 187
1800/58-2020pcs200L1.52m272KGS1600*1750*145070 / 140 / 170
1800/58-2424pcs240L1.83m288KGS1600*2070*145060 / 120 / 146
1800/58-3030pcs300L2.29m2110KGS1600*2550*145050 / 100 / 120