Mains Pressure: Heat Exchange Model

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Mains-Pressure-Heat-Exchange-ModelThe closed loop thermosyphon solar water heater system is a very economical and intelligent design, perfectly suited for hot areas. These tanks are normally designed to be unpressurized, but we use the water from the copper coil inside the tank to allow for pressurization. The copper coil also makes the system more resistant to rust, so this kind of solar water heater is an excellent choice for humid island environments and other hot climates.

How it works:

The water within the coil is heated by passing through a body of very hot water that’s been heated by the evacuated tube solar collectors. This means zero carbon emissions.

Water is heated directly within the evacuated tubes, so there is no loss of energy. Heated water rises from the evacuated tubes into the storage cylinder, displacing cooler water from the storage cylinder into the evacuated tubes to be heated.

The high temperature water generated by the evacuated tubes is stored within the insulated storage cylinder and is used to heat cold water instantly as it travels through a long copper coil within the storage cylinder. The stored heat of the thermal mass of the water in storage cylinder is exchanged to the water within the copper coil whenever a hot water tap is opened.

The pressure from the solar hot water system is the same as your existing cold water pressure. This design is known as Solar Heat Exchange and is the most simple and reliable means available to capture the sun’s energy to heat water.

Technical Data of Closed Loop Thermosyphon Solar Water System
Wanter tankInner tankSUS304-2B (0.5mm)
Outer tankSUS304-2B (0.4mm) or galvanized steel (0.4mm)
InsulationPolyurethane foam (55mm)
Copper coil20m/24m/30m
TubesSize of glass vacuum tube¢ 58/1800mm
Material of glass vacuum tubeHigh boron-silicon
Coating of glass vacuum tubeAL-SUS-CU
FrameFrame materialSUS201(1.2mm) or galvanized steel (1.5mm)
Maximum operation pressure (Bar)6
Product ModelTubesCapacityAbsorbing AreaWeightDimension
Qty. per
470-1800/58-1515pcs150L1.15m267KGS1770*1290*156045 / 89 / 108
470-1800/58-1818pcs180L1.37m277KGS1770*1530*156038 / 77 / 93
470-1800/58-2020pcs200L1.52m285KGS1770*1690*156035 / 70 / 85
470-1800/58-2424pcs240L1.83m2100KGS1770*2010*156030 / 60 / 73
470-1800/58-3030pcs300L2.29m2117KGS1770*2490*156024 / 49 / 59