Mains Pressure: Integrated

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Mains-Pressure-IntegratedThis is a pressurized system, with the tank and collector combined. We call it the Integrated pressurized system. The design of this system is direct; the tap water piping is connected directly to the system, and water is fed automatically by the pressure. The vacuum tubes absorb the solar energy and transfer the heat to the tank through the copper pipe inside the tube, and the water inside the tank is gradually heated.

This system includes MG anodes which are used for anti-corrosion, and an electric element which is used when there’s not enough direct sunlight. It also includes a P/T safety valve, so if the tank is overheated or water pressure exceeds 6 bar, the P/T valve will open automatically to protect the tank.

The integrated pressurized system has recently been approved as one of the most effective heating systems, so it is becoming more and more popular throughout the world.

Technical Data of Integrative Pressurized Solar Water Heater
Water tankInner tankSUS304-1.2mm
Outer tankSUS304-2B (0.4mm) or galvanized steel (0.4mm)
InsulationPolyurethane foam (55mm)
TubesHeat pipe materialTU1/TU2 copper
Size of glass vacuum tube¢ 58/1800mm
Material of glass vacuum tubeHigh boron-silicon
Coating of glass vacuum tubeAL-SUS-CU
FrameFrame materialSUS201(1.2mm)
Maximum operation pressure (Bar)6
Product ModelTubes Tank CapacityAbsorbing AreaWeightDimension
Qty. per
470-1800/58-1212pcs100L0.92m263KGS1830*1210*160052/ 104 / 126
470-1800/58-1515pcs125L1.14m278KGS1830*1450*160043 / 86 / 104
470-1800/58-1818pcs150L1.37m293KGS1830*1690*160035 / 70 / 85
470-1800/58-2020pcs165L1.52m2103KGS1830*1850*160032 / 64 / 78
470-1800/58-2424pcs200L1.83m2125KGS1830*2170*160027 / 55 / 67
470-1800/58-3030pcs250L2.29m2156KGS1830*2650*160023 / 46 / 55