Solar Water Heater Project

This week, we get an inquiry from a big truck factory.They asked a solar water heating system for 4000L hot water, and the water need to add temperature to more than 85C, and every 4 hours, they need to use all the hotwaters,even the night time aslo need the system working.

Merisolar designed alot of solar project for our clients all over the world, so we help him with the project, the system need two tanks, one storage tank 20 ton,the other tank 5 ton for mix heating,then install 50*SG-30 non-pressurized solar thermal collectors for heating the system,also connect with a heat pump, this heat pump can heating the water to above 85C evern 90C, and COP is about 2.8 , can used in the nigh time to save energy.

Coz the company need to use 4 ton 85C hot water every 4 hours, so the heat efficiency had to be very high.While solar system could not heating 4 ton cold water in 4 hours with just 50-SG system, so we make a 5ton buffer tank to mix water for heating, and storage the hot water in the 20 ton  big tank to insure the clients can have enough water every 4 hours, this system can help clients to save lots of bills.

If you have any solar heating project need help, just contact us, Merisolar always help clients with their problem and slove them.

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